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FOSPA stands for Friends of St Paul’s Association, and is a charitable organisation run by parents. FOSPA encourages all our parents to get involved in organizing social events throughout the year in order to raise essential funds, and foster a sense of community within the school.

It is essential for St Paul’s to have strong fundraising strategies to compensate for the shortfall in statutory funding from Camden. We are one of the least funded schools in the borough.

Consequently one of FOSPA’s aims is to raise money to provide the school with educational and creative activities, equipment and facilities and ensure the children at St. Paul’s get the best possible opportunities during their time here.

In recent years, money provided by FOSPA has provided school outings, i-pads, author and artist visits, and improvements to school facilities.

FOSPA also aims to develop the sense of community both within the school, and with local residents, shops and business. We have a great deal of support from local businesses who regularly offer prizes for raffles and are generously supportive of all our events.

We organise annual social events such as the Christmas Fair and summer barbeque where parents work together to create successful and enjoyable gatherings, and develop the sense of community between parents, children and staff.

Everyone’s time, effort and donations are always gratefully received and thanks go to all the parents who generously help the school provide for our children.

You can get involved with FOSPA by:

  • Attending meetings to bring your ideas and make suggestions.
  • Helping out at events by making food, serving refreshments, running stalls etc.
  • Being on the FOSPA committee. Each year we need a Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.
  • Being a class rep. which is a link between FOSPA and your year group, and help to rally support for the various events.

Or you can help raise funds by:

  • Donating money.  If you donate money to FOSPA you can claim Gift Aid as FOSPA is a charity. This provides an extra 26% on top of your donation. Gift Aid forms are available to download or can be obtained from the office.
  • Do your shopping through easyfundraising. 


FOSPA Committee member duties - click here for more information.

If you have any suggestions for how the money raised through FOSPA can be usefully spent, or ideas for fundraising or events, please come along to one of the regular FOSPA meetings, or speak to a member of FOSPA.


FOSPA Committee and Class Reps:

Reception: Tracy Farrow and Marc Da Silva

Year 1: Amy Anderson, Melissa Lewis and Joella Oyeleye

Year 2: Adam Logan, Sara Huish and Suzy Flexer

Year 3: Alex Cooper-Brass and Chika Inoue

Year 4: Lucy Quick and Jola Masternak

Year 5: Gaby Frith and Tasha Delliston

Year 6: Andrew Fishwick, Sarah Eley, Armine Ishkanian & Cinda Ahrens



Chair: Carol Slater

Vice-chair: Lara Max

Secretary: Rachel Bish

Treasurer: Derrick Chow

If you would like to get involved, please contact the school or one the class representatives:


All FOSPA events are listed in the School Diary. 








Easy Fundraising   

If you're buying something online, easyfundraising  will donate a percentage of your purchase to good causes without incurring extra costs to you.

It only takes a couple of minutes to log in through the link, and you can shop from a huge list of outlets and raise money for St. Paul’s at the same time.


FOSPA Accounts  

2017/2018 Profit and Loss Accounts (not yet audited)
2016/2017 Profit and Loss Accounts
2015/2016 Profit and Loss Accounts

2014/2015 Profit and Loss Accounts
2013/2014 Profit and Loss Accounts
2011/2012 Profit and Loss Accounts

FOSPA Constitution